Monday, November 07, 2005


SMALL-CAR INTEREST DROPS AS FUEL PRICES DECLINE. Three Web-based car-shopping services say a surge in users seeking information about gasoline-electric hybrids and other relatively fuel-efficient vehicles appears to have waned as gasoline prices dropped over the past few weeks, according to a roundup in USA Today. It notes that says consumer interest in fuel economy peaked at 19,500 data searches on Aug. 29 when Hurricane Katrina hit. Such queries are back to their early August level of about 3,000 a week. Kelley Blue Book’s Web site says the number of visitors interested in hybrids and economy cars has dropped a few percentage points in each of the last two months. It didn’t provide more details because its survey isn’t finished yet. says searches for fuel-sipping cars are down, with queries about the Toyota Prius hybrid sedan dropping the most.

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