Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Fuel Energizer

The Fuel Energizer is a frequency resonator that uses Neodymium Super Conductor Magnets, which break and then realign the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel passing through the fuel line of your vehicle. The magnetic field created by the Fuel Energizer ionizes the fuel being fed to the engine, which itself produces a more complete combustion, maximizes fuel economy, improves fuel efficiency and reduces polluting emissions.
By installing these Neodymium Super Conductor Magnets close to your carburetor/injection system, your vehicle will start to feel the result of the Resonance frequency of the Neodymium Super Conductor Magnets and by making the fuel flow smoother your engine will run more efficiently. The way to ensure that you will gain the best results from The Fuel Energizer is by following the easy "Golden Seven Steps Rule".

Special Benefits of The Fuel Energizer:

  • Upto 28% Fuel saving on your mileage per litre
  • Increased acceleration
  • Reduction in AC drag
  • Up to 40% Reduction in Carbon Monoxide emissions
  • Reduction in exhaust smoke
  • Extends your engine life, cleans out carbon deposits
  • Up to 30% increase in life of your catalytic convertor exhaust system
  • A smoother running engine

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