Monday, November 14, 2005

GM touts cars with 30 miles per gallon or better

GM has been doing a lot of advertising lately on the fact that they have a large lineup of cars that get 30 miles per gallon or better. So which cars are these. Here's the list of the cars that we could find that get better than 30 MPG on the highway.

Pontiac Vibe (30 City/36 Highway)
Pontiac Sunfire (26 City/36 Highway)
Pontiac Grand Am (25 City/34 Highway)
Pontiac G6 (22 City/32 Highway)
Pontiac Grand Prix (20 City/30 Highway)
Chevy Aveo (27 City/35 Highway)
Chevy Cobalt (25 City/34 Highway)
Chevy Malibu (24 City/34 Highway)
Chevy Monte Carlo (21 City/32 Highway)
Chevy Impala (21 City/32 Highway)
Saturn Ion (26 City/35 Highway)
Buick Century (20 City/30 Highway)

The car that appears to be the largest car on the list is the Chevy Impala. However, if you looking for read leg room the Malibu has almost 1 inch more leg room that the Impala. However, some versions of the Impala are classified as 6 passenger vehicles, but that means some one is sitting in the middle of the front seat which really isn't practical for most people with kids.

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