Sunday, February 05, 2006

Carpooling for Grown Ups helps Save Gas and Reduce Your Driving Costs

The WSJ had an interesting article on carpooling last Thursday. There are several new websites that make it easy for you to find a ride to work, to share a ride to college, or buddy up for a trip to Florida. The average driver spends $2800 annually at the current gas prices. Carpooling even 1 day a week could add up to significant savings. Additionally if you are leasing your car or buying you will reduce the miles you accumulate on your car which will help you in resale or staying under the allowable miles for your lease. Provides service for Connecticut, New York, DC, Houston. It is kinda of cool since they have a reward program that encourages ridership. Serves every zip code however, I checked it iout and it doesn't have a lot of ride information for all of the states. Serves Washington state. Lets users find rides to special events. Has carpool information for a large variety of locations. I checked Michigan and they had a significant number of ride share requests. Serves US and Cananda. The site was launched in 1999. is another location to find people interested in carpooling. Last check there were over 13,000 posts for people looking to share a ride.

Either way carpooling is a great way to save gas and reduce your fuel cost. Check out my other blog posts on car pooling.