Monday, October 31, 2005

Improve gas mileage with window deflectors!

Easy to install to your window channels or door frame. Deflectors let you leave the window part way down, allowing fresh air in while keeping bugs, rain and rushing air noise out of your vehicle.
The deflector improves gas mileage by letting the outside breeze into your vehicle, it's easier to leave the air conditioner off. Few people know that your AC can be quite the power hog on your system during city driving, dragging down gas mileage as much as 10%.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Diesel fuel prices stay high

It is an interesting phenomenon during this current oil crisis. Even though the prices of crude and gasoline is falling the price of diesel fuel is not. Some say it is because we may run in shortages of heating oil this winter. Others feel it is just price gouging. The bigger issue is that the trucking companies need to pass this cost onto there customers who will be forced to pass it onto the consumer.

Prepaid Gas Cards

Do you every drive down the road looking for a gas stations with gas $.05 cheaper than the next station. Well how would you like to save $.08 more per gallon. If you buy 30 gallons of gas you save $2.40 on the tank full. All you need to do to get this discount is purchase prepaid gas cards. I use Speedway and BP prepaid gas cards and I receive a 4% discount on every gallow of gas purchased.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

GM Launches 6 speed transmission boosting fuel economy

General Motors Corp. is expected to unveil today the first of a new generation of transmissions that will improve the fuel economy and performance of its cars and trucks.
The transmission -- called 6L80 -- will be used in a range of GM's highest-profile vehicles, including the Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac STS-V and XLR-V and GMC Yukon SUV.
GM plans to introduce 10 six-speed automatic transmissions by 2010. GM says the transmissions will reduce fuel consumption as much as 4%. GM also estimates the transmissions can trim 0-to-60-m.p.h. times up to 7%. "Six-speed automatics improve fuel economy and make a car feel a lot more refined," said Jim Hall, vice president for industry analysis at the Southfield office of consultant AutoPacific. "As well as fuel economy, six-speeds offer great performance benefits because the shifts are quicker and more precise," said David Petrovski, analyst of North American powertrains with consultant CSM Worldwide, Farmington.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Honda 65 MPG Hybrid

HONDA ANTICIPATES A 65-MPG HYBRID. Honda Motor Co. says it might be able to build hybrid vehicles that get 65 miles per gallon—30% better mileage than the company’s latest Civic hybrid—with the help of a high-tech compression-ignition gasoline engine, notes The Wall Street Journal. Honda, like other OEMs, is working on so-called homogeneous-charge compression-ignition, or HCCI, engines. Such powerplants ignite their air-gasoline mixture by compressing it, as a diesel does, rather than using a spark plug—but at lower temperatures. HCCI promises to boost the fuel efficiency of a gasoline engine by 20%. But engineers have had trouble controlling the combustion at low and high speeds. Honda says its HCCI engine now runs smoothly at
low and medium speeds, although high-speed operation remains a challenge. The company says it expects to show a prototype four-cylinder HCCI system to the press as early as next year.
Last August General Motors, Bosch and researchers at Stanford University announced an HCCI program they hope will lead to a prototype system in a few years.

Fuel Economy Is Cool

MORE CAR ADS TOUT FUEL ECONOMY. The number of automotive TV commercials touting vehicle fuel economy tripled in the U.S. after gasoline prices shot up in early September, reports Automotive News. Citing data from TNS Media Intelligence in New York City, it says fuel economy was the focus of only five in 120 new TV auto ads aired between Aug. 22 and Aug. 28. But between Sept. 1 and Sept. 14—right after Hurricane Katrina hit—TNS says 18 of 136 new auto commercials highlighted mileage performance. Auto companies tell AN the statistics are merely a coincidence. They say they were gearing up more fuel economy messages even before the hurricane pushed gasoline prices to record highs.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Save money on gas while giving your engine a boost!

The Fuel OptiMiser fuel saver is proven to increase gas mileage up to 24% while cleaning up auto emissions.* You save money and save gas while helping the environment.
It will also increase horsepower as a result of improved gas combustion.
Best of all, our product costs little more than a tank of gas and will not affect your vehicle's warranty.

Save Gas with XenTX oil treatment

Increase horse power, lower friction, increase torque and get better gas using XenTx oil treatment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Best Gas Saving Tips has some great gas savings tips. Do you want to know how to save money on your automobile gas?

Here are 15 Hot Tips to improve your gas mileage:

  1. Drive at a steady pace - Stop and go driving increases your gas consumption by as much as 33%. If you pay $2.50 per gallon, for every 10 gallons you lose $8. 25.
  2. Avoid quick stops and quick jumpy accelerations. Instead drive at a steady even pace. Use cruise control when highway driving. This will maintain a constant steady speed and save gas.
  3. Don't Speed - Gas efficiency decreases quickly when you drive faster than 40 mph. If you drive at 65 mph instead of 55 mph it is the equivalent to paying $0.20 cents per gallon more. Use overdrive or higher gears. This will reduce the rpm speed of your engine and increase gas mileage by as much as 45 percent.
  4. Turn off the Air Conditioner - Avoid using the air conditioner as much as possible. When the air conditioner is on the engine works harder, increasing gas consumption by about 20 percent. Not using your air conditioner this summer might save you $80 (based on 4,000 over 3 months in a 20 MPG car and paying $2 per gallon).
  5. Don't Idle for long periods - Idling your engine for one minute uses the amount of gas equal to what is used in starting the engine. So, if you need to wait for someone longer than one minute, turn off your engine.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Howstuffworks "What speed should I drive to get maximum fuel efficiency?"

Howstuffworks "What speed should I drive to get maximum fuel efficiency?"

Save money on gas - Let Advance Auto Parts show you how

With today's uncertain fuel prices, it's more important than ever to make sure you are getting the most gas mileage for your dollar. There are several quick, simple and inexpensive things that you can do yourself to save gas.

Save money on gas - Let Advance Auto Parts show you how:

Tubro Charge Any Car!

Turbo Charge Any Car! Increase Gas Mileage by 24%.

The Turbonator is a non-moving vortex generator that goes inside your air intake hose, right after your air filter.

It is made entirely from stainless steel, requires no maintenance, and only takes 5 minutes and a screwdriver to install. If you don't feel comfortable installing it, have your mechanic do it for you. If he doesn't install it for free, find a new mechanic.

How does it work?
The Turbonator's airflow dynamic produces a swirling, fast-burn effect in the combustion chamber. This creates finer particles of atomized fuel, allowing better flame propagation and more complete combustion.

By enhancing fuel atomization, the Turbonator increases horsepower and fuel economy. An emissions lab, licensed by the EPA conducted tests on non-moving vortex generators that produced results as high as 20 horsepower and 24% increases in mileage. Other independent studies yielded results as high as 35 HP and 31% MPG. Although results varied from vehicle to vehicle, gains were evident, and considering the unit is inexpensive, easy to install, and requires no maintenance, the Turbonator is a worthwhile investment.

Does any one know if these actually work?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Getting more miles to the gallon.

There's lots of technology available to increase the fuel economy of a vehicle. Unfortunately the traditional U.S. automakers all but ignored improving fuel economy on there vehicles because gas was cheap. Mean while the Korean and Japanese manufacturers quietly improved the fuel economy of there vehicles and worked on hybrids, variable valve timing, and increasing horse power per liter of displacement.

Most of the ideas that are now being implemented on new vehicles existed for years. However, there really wasn't any effort to take on these technologies. For example:

1. Demand on displacement: This technology has been available for years, however GM dropped the idea a long time ago and now it is coming back in a big way. It is even available on high performance vehicles like the new Dodge Charger.

2. Use lighter materials: If you drop the weight of a vehicle by 10% you can improve the mileage by around 5%. One way is by combining body and frame elements into a simplified "unibody." Today we are finally doing this by the introduction of the cross over vehicles which are part SUV, Car, and Minivan.

3. Reducing drag . Did you know that the Honda Pilot SUV has almost the same drag as some cars. Honda was careful in how they laid out their components and was able to reduce the drag on the vehicle. Proper tire inflaction reduces rolling resistance of the vehicle. Now days a lot of vehicles have low tire pressure sensors. This is a great idea because most people do not check there air pressure very often.

4. Using smarter engines, today's engines are very high tech. The key is technology to achieve the horse power vs. raw displacement. European's now buy more diesel engine equipped cars than gas powered. Variable valve timing, allows for increased power and fuel economy.

5. Using the stop start technology called starter generator is also another idea that is coming back. About 15% of gas is wasted when a car's engine idles during stops. GM will be introducing this on this years Saturn View. Basically it is golf cart technology that has been available for years. When you put you foot on the gas the vehicle moves, when your foot is on the brake the engine shuts off. Sounds like a simple idea that could have been implemented a long time ago.

6. Six speed transmissions, did you know that the new six speed transmission will allow vehicles to get better mileage than a manual 4 speed trans.

2006 Fuel Economy Data Released

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Its Got a Hemi

Amazing the Dodge Hemi engine won't cost you as much at the gas pump as you'd think. It gets a respectable 17 mpg around town, but lifts the mileage figure to an impressive 25 mpg on the highway, thanks to its Multi-Displacement System that shuts down four of the eight cylinders during highway driving, a time when they aren't really needed. Reacting in just 40 milliseconds to your foot on the pedal, it fires all eight back up whenever you require some additional muscle.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Thinking about buying a new car, want to compare fuel economy and specs

If you are thinking about buying a new car and are concerned about fuel economy make sure you check out sites like This site allows you to compare up to 3 cars side by side. You can see the estimated MPG, the interior room, features, etc. After about 5 minutes on this site when you go to the dealer you will probably know more about the car then the sales person.

Instructions for using the site.

  1. Goto
  2. Click on the new cars link
  3. Click on compare
  4. Click choose vehicles to compare
  5. Select the cars that you want to compare.
  6. Make sure you click on the more details tab, it allows you to get the entire specs on the car.

For example, I want to switch from driving an SUV to a 4 door sedan. I have been doing a lot of shopping around. The car that I was interested in was the Mazda6. It is made in Michigan and supports the local economy. However, my neighbor suggested that I look at the Chevy Malibu Maxx. I am interested in rear leg room for the kids and in 2 minutes on MSN I figured out that the Maxx has 4 inches more rear leg room. One draw back that I see it that the mileage of the Maxx is 1 MPG less than the Mazda6.

Looking for the lowest gas prices around?

Gas Buddy has all of the latest prices. You can search by area for the latest information.