Saturday, November 05, 2005

40 plus miles per gallon

Top Japanese car companies are preparing a new wave of 40-plus miles-per-gallon subcompact cars for America just as high gasoline prices and fuel shortages have made U.S. motorists acutely interested in such vehicles.

The Yaris will replace the Echo as Toyota's subcompact in the U.S.
The three models from Toyota, Honda and Nissan will hit the market close to one another next spring, starting at about $12,000 and expected to sport fuel economy ratings of roughly 40 mpg in mixed driving, even better on the highway. (Photo gallery: Small cars at the right time)
Nissan's Versa, the biggest and probably least fuel-efficient of the new trio, is recording 38 mpg in combined city-highway use in Nissan tests, the automaker says.

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