Friday, November 25, 2005

Michigan Rideshare - Car pooling to save gas

What is Ridesharing?
Rideshare is a free, computerized carpool and vanpool matching service that assists individuals and groups with their daily work commute. There are thirteen Local Rideshare Offices (LRO) in Michigan that provide services for commuters commuting into and within their region.

Find a Local Rideshare Office near you. Rideshare assists in forming carpools and vanpools. MichiVan, a vanpooling program sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation, will supply fully insured 9 or 15 passenger vans to groups of 9 or more commuters, with cost to be shared among the riders. Rideshare helps employers develop and implement ridesharing programs for their employees. Rideshare also provides a Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH) to all registered carpool and Vanpool participants.

The following MDOT publications are available in PDF format:
Rideshare Brochure

Rideshare participants can conveniently take advantage of the Michigan Department of Transportation carpool lot program. There are 216 carpool parking lots located across the state providing over 8,000 parking spaces. Approximately 2,500 vehicles park in these facilities on an average weekday.

For Information: Jean Ruestman 517-373-6625

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