Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gas Price Drop Below $3

Gas Prices Drop Below $3

Average U.S. gas prices fell below $3 a gallon Wednesday for the first time in several weeks.
Pump prices across the nation are averaging $2.99 a gallon, reports Heathrow, Fla.-based AAA. The last time gas was under $3 was July 24. It is amazing how I get excited about buying gas at $2.85 per gallon and my wife tells me it isn't the best price. Just goes to show you how we become use to higher prices. I remember when gas prices went over $2 per gallon we thought it was terrible, now if they dropped back down to $2 we would really be excited.

Looking for lower gas prices: Bargain shoppers can realize further savings by logging on to several Web sites including, and AAA's Fuel Finder Web site,, to find the best prices. For example, at AAA's site, consumers can enter their zip code and find the cheapest gas available within 10 miles. According to, the Clark station on Pine Grove in Port Huron was selling gas for $2.76 a gallon Wednesday afternoon. Ford a list of tips on how to save fuel goto which provides motorists with money-saving tips and strategies to lower fuel costs.

On Monday, gas prices dropped 10 cents to an average of $3.02 in Michigan, after the UN-brokered cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon. A year ago, prices were averaging $2.53 a gallon across the state. As always it pays to shop around and understand where the lowest gas prices typically are. Also make sure you pay attention to weekly trends. For example gas prices tend to go up on Friday's and down on Sunday's.

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