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Gasoline Rebate Checks

Gasoline Rebate Checks

Interesting article over at Smartmoney.com, here is what they said:

While congress debates whether to send consumers $100 gasoline rebate checks or temporarily suspend the 18.4-cent federal gas tax, it's up to you to fill your tank for less. With prices topping $2.92 per gallon of regular unleaded, according to the latest figures from AAA, chances are you're fully aware of — and maybe even employing — tactics that will help you get better mileage. Your tires are filled to just the right amount of air pressure, you've finally removed all the junk you were hauling around in your trunk, and you've actually been trying to obey the speed limit. I don't know about you but I guess I would rather have the 18.4 cents per gallon suspended. I buy a lot of gas so depending on how long they suspended the tax it probably would be pay back in about 40 weeks.

But the best way to cut your gas bills is to make sure you're buying the cheapest gas around. Gas prices can vary — sometimes significantly — from station to station. In Chicago, you might pay as much as $3.29 per gallon or as little as $2.79. So stay informed. Keep a notebook in your car to jot down the prices at gas stations you pass. And for this to really work, you'll need to note the time and date you passed by, too. (You do want to save money, don't you?) A lot times I find that the gas stations that are the closes to the freeways tend to be more expensive. If you can try to find a station that is a few blocks down from the freeway. Additionally, stations located in less expensive areas also tend to have better prices. Sometime it might be worth driving a half a mile to find the cheaper gas. If you are going on a trip try filling up before heading off to the vacation spot. Again a lot of times you find that vacation spots are much more expensive.

There are no hard and fast rules as to which day of the week or hour of the day will yield the lowest prices, says Jason Toews, co-founder of GasBuddy.com, an online a gas-price monitoring web site. Taking good notes comes in handy. Say your closest station updates its prices late every night. If prices are on the rise, you'll know that you shouldn't wait until the next morning to fill your tank. You might also call your local gas station to find out what time of day it posts new prices. A good rule of thumb is that the prices are probably going to go up on Friday's, try to fuel up on Thursday, especially if you are in the summer months. Also if you notice a big jump in the morning try waiting until the afternoon, even if you have to only buy a few gallons in the morning to get you to where you are going.

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