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Ways to avoid pain at the pump

Ways to avoid pain at the pump

The Daily News Online had a good article on ways to avoid pain at the pump. Here is what they said.

The With gas prices hovering around the $3 mark and the summer driving season nearly upon us, here are a few ways to save money on gas this year.

  1. At the top of most lists is carpooling. It was big during the gas crisis of the 1980s and with projected shortages again this summer, it might be time to hit up a buddy who works at the same job for a ride. By sharing a ride to work or by taking turns driving your kids to baseball and soccer practices, you can stretch a tank of gas further each week. Most communities have public transit. Now is the time to catch a ride to the grocery store or to the library. You know it is really amazing to me how everyone complains about the gas prices but take a look next time you are on the freeway how many cars have more thant one person riding in them on a typical day. It is a great way to save gas and it reduces where and tear on your car.
  2. Looking at a summer trip? Try taking a train into Chicago or to Detroit. The price is right and you can save the wear and tear on your personal vehicle, as well as save on gas. If getting around town after you get there's a problem, rent a car or use that city's public transportation. Or instead of staying several days or a week, plan some summer one-day trips. You will have to do some searching around to make this one work and if you can do a last minute trip it might work. A friend of mine took here family from Detroit to Chicago on Amtrak and it was only $11 per person.
  3. Do a little research. Local news agencies are providing information on the lowest gas prices in their coverage area on a regular basis. The World Wide Web can also be a good source of information for cheaper gas prices. Do I have a solution for you check out my article that has links to the sites like Gas Buddy where you can look up the lowest gas prices on a daily basis.
  4. Need a little exercise? Ride a bike or walk to the local grocery store or over to a friend's house. You can save gas, help the environment and shave off a few pounds in the process. I have a friend of mine that works in Japan he doesn't even own a car anymore. When I visit Japan I don't notice a lot of fat people. Everyone has to do some walking everyday there so this helps them stay in shape.
  5. This might be a tough one to accomplish, but it certainly will save you time and help improve the environment. Try to avoid any situation where you are stuck in traffic with your motor idling. By not having to stop and start frequently, you will use less gas. By avoiding gridlock, you may also help your blood pressure as well.The weather is getting warmer and school is coming to and end. Now is the time that people start gearing up for vacations and long distance trips. If gas continues to soar throughout the summer months, we may have to take a hard look at our travel plans or learn to conserve on gas. Hey this is a great tip, if you have flex hours at work sometimes just leaving 15 minutes early really helps out on the commute home. If I leave at 5pm it take me 20 minutes longer to get home. If I bail at 4:25 pm it really helps.


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