Monday, December 19, 2005

Heat your house with corn? Demand for corn furnaces are heating up

The latest wapon in battling soaring heating bills is the corn furnace. The WSJ reported that one customer use to have a $400 heating bill with a traditional gas furnance. However, switching to a corn furnace his monthly bill for heating his home has dropped down to around $60. Over 30,000 corn furnaces have been snapped up this year as the nation struggles with record high natural gas prices. A major concern for consumer is the worry that traditional fuel prices may continue to rise. Corn on the other hand is $1.60 per bushel. The beauty of a corn furnace is that it hooks into your houses duct work and heats the hole house just like a traditional furnance. The corn is loaded into a hoper and a screw feeder continues to push the corn into the burner.

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