Saturday, October 06, 2007

Honda mileage target

The Japanese automaker said it opposes moves in Congress to set efficiency targets for vehicles.

In its annual North American Environmental Report, Honda emphasized that it favored tougher federal fuel-economy regulations and touted its status as the most efficient full-line automaker. But its fuel-economy pledge falls far short of the 4% annual increases and hard targets that environmental groups maintain the auto industry should be forced to meet.

To me it makes a lot of sense that Honda doesn't want to sign up for the 4% per year. If you are a person that is already thin it is harder for you to loose 10 pounds than for someone who is overweight. Their cars are very fuel efficient already.

Honda has not taken sides in this year's congressional debate over fuel economy and tends to cut its own political trail in Washington. It has joined with Detroit automakers and its Japanese competitors in opposing California's efforts to set state controls on greenhouse gases from cars and trucks. Thanks to its long-held decision against building engines with more than six cylinders, Honda had the highest fuel-economy average among the six largest manufacturers in 2006 at 29.1 miles per gallon.

Isn't it amazing how Honda doesn't need a V8? They do just fine in the North American market without it. That's because they make and excellent 4 cylinder engine that you is really nice to drive.

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